Learn With The Top 1% Physiognomy & Face Reading Expert

Learn With The Top 1% Physiognomy & Face Reading Expert

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What is Face Reading

Face reading physiognomy is a skill that can help you understand the personality of yourself deeply or the other person immediately. You will be able to communicate with them in the right way. It’s not just about faces, it’s about understanding what makes us tick and why we do what we do.

Face reading is a practice that is considered to be an art form in China. The practice, which is also known as physiognomy, can be used to determine a person’s character, personality, and even their future. The practice of face reading dates back more than 2,000 years to the Han dynasty. The classic Chinese text, “Shuowen Jiezi”, is the first dictionary that was published in China, and it documented what was considered to be the ideal face of a person at that time.

Who Is It For?

Business Owner / Founder / CEO

Businesses can use this skill as a way to identify personality traits that indicate whether or not someone will get along with their coworkers and thrive within their role at your company.

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Friends / Relationships

Identifying a good friend or lover is very hard, but it's always important to make sure you're with someone who will treat you right. Face Reading (Physiognomy) skill helps identify these people before getting involved with them.

Face reading physiognomy

Family and Relatives

Face Reading is a useful tool for understanding your family members better. You'll learn their personality types and preferences, so you'll have more tools for communicating effectively in the future.

Personal Career

Face reading is a way to understand the personality of oneself and the suitable career path to take. It can be used as a tool for understanding your own strength and weakness, preventing time-wasting test on your future.

CMS Face Reading

Why Learn 
Face Reading?

The human face is the most important part of a person. It reveals their character, temperament, likes and dislikes, leading to their decisions and therefore luck and fate. And it’s not just for strangers – it can tell us everything about our friends, lovers or even relatives! So how should we respond to them? How should we interact with them? What do they like in life? What are they good at doing? How can we get on their good side? All these questions will be answered by reading people’s faces.

If you are an entrepreneur, investor, or just curious, it is very important to know your partner. This will help you identify their strengths and weaknesses in order to make better decisions. You can also learn how they think so that when talking with them there is no misunderstanding between the two sides.

Learning face reading can help us understand others better as well as ourselves! Face reading helps people understand themselves by knowing what kind of person he/she is dealing with at work or in business transactions. Your own face tells a lot about yourself too! It reveals your personality traits, character and future potentials for success! Knowing these things will help you achieve more than ever before! 

Why Listen to Me?

2020 August 28th Analysis Of 
US Presidential Election Result


I recorded a YouTube video on August 8, 2020, published on September 18, 2020. Using the face reading skill to accurately analyse that Trump will lose the US presidential election. Please refer to my CMS Face Reading Videos in YouTube video.

I used physiognomy skills to accurately analyse the outcome of Taiwan’s presidential election in 2012, 2016, and 2020. I also used the face-reading skill to accurately analyse that Trump would win the US presidential election on November 2016,  during the 19th World I-Ching  Conference organized in Dalian, China during September 2016.

I used the principles of physiognomy and the five elements of face reading to make my analysis.


This skill will save you from Pain Of Wasting Time

It can be difficult to tell if that new person in your life is going to hurt you or help support and encourage you. You might think they are great now, but what happens when things get tough? Will they stick around for the long haul? How do we know if this person has our best interests at heart of just wants something from us for themselves? 

Face Reading (Physiognomy) helps identify these people before getting involved with them. We all have friends and lovers who can be trusted and supported us through thick and thin. And there are others that seem like an ideal fit on paper but end up being toxic in real life. 

This skill helps identify those people so we don’t waste time trying to force a relationship where one doesn’t

Face Reading Specialist

Master chang

I have the physiognomy skill to read people’s faces and anticipate their future actions/situations with their personal history and character they have, personal history events that even people very close to them might not know.

Events in the past are a very important signal for physiognomy analysis. Those are the things that will cause you to make decisions and have results that you are facing now.

This is something that I’ve been able to do for over 50 years. It’s something that has helped me in my business life, but most importantly it has saved my personal life as well!

When I meet someone new, within 30 seconds or 1 minute of meeting them or viewing their pictures I can immediately know their character and temperament with just a glance at their face. What does the stranger hate? What does the stranger care about? What causes his decision that will result in the present/future events? How can I help to give them a different direction and choice?

This ability is something that cannot be bought with money; it’s invaluable in today’s society. We cannot change the past but we can try and change our decision, and create better chances to have a better future/success. If you study the steps that I teach you. You will have this ability too.

Learn Face reading

Personal history = Personality = Choices = Success or Failure

Personal history creates personality, which creates your decision in life that leads to your success or failure.

The physiognomy is a science that can help you to understand other people’s personality, character and preferences, as well as help establish a good relationship and avoid each other’s “critical points” and find a way of better communication. 


Course  Highlight

First: Face Shape

Second: 5 Senses

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Third: Essence and method

Fourth: Usage & Application

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Can you tell someone’s personality by their face?

Similar to palm-reading which tells about a person’s fortune and future, face reading makes it possible to read another person’s personality simply by looking at their face. The ancient Chinese face reading chart offers a guide on how to tell a person’s personality simply by assessing the segments, organs, and features on their face. Face reading personality detections are becoming an important part of the recruitment process as more businesses are interested in hiring the best fit among applicants.

What is Chinese face reading?

Ancient Chinese face reading has been around for over 2,500 years. The practice focuses on using facial features to gain insight into a person’s personality, development, luck, history, and future. This ancient art of physiognomy face reading plays an important role in judging character and selection for roles at the workplace.

How do you become a face reader?

Physiognomy face reading is a delicate practice taught by professionals who have excelled in the ancient Chinese practice. The learner will be required to familiarize themselves with the Chinese face reading chart and be able to make accurate judgments based on teachings.