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Business is about people. There’s no way around it. And when you’re dealing with the public, there are bound to be personality conflicts and misunderstandings that can cause your business a lot of headaches and money.

We all know that we should be doing more than just hiring nice people; we need to hire right for the job, not just right in general. But how do you find out who will work well together? How do you make sure they’ll get along?

My face reading physiognomy coaching helps businesses identify good workers and bad workers before they even start working for them based on their facial features like eyes, mouth, nose etc… so companies can avoid hiring problem employees or remove those who don’t fit into the company culture. It also helps companies find out which team members might have some problems working together so they can solve potential issues early on rather than waiting until after something has already gone wrong (and caused damage).

I’ll show you how using a proven techniques for analyzing faces, so that now instead of just relying on gut instinct or hunches about other people’s personalities, they can actually be identified through their physical appearance alone. This is a powerful skill that could really help your career as well as all aspects of your personal life!


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