Face Reading: All You Need To Know

Face reading is also known as physiognomy or physiognomy of face reading. This dated science is used to tell more about an individual, much like palm reading is used to tell about fate and fortune. Face reading has been around for several years and is making a comeback, especially in the business world. More business owners and recruiters are interested in hiring the perfect fit for their workplace, and face reading has proven beneficial in selecting the right candidates. Physiognomy professionals can help recruiters select the perfect candidates for their workplace to reduce workplace conflict and also to improve performance and productivity. I worked in a Japanese group of companies for many years. I know they used face reading to choose loyal talents, top leaders or country managers.   

What is face reading?

The physiognomy definition is simple. The ancient science maps the face into segments and uses each segment to define individual features, fate, character, and luck. Chinese face reading can be very complicated, especially as there are many factors at play. The process is also detailed, with many theories that one needs to know. Learning the basics of face reading can simplify how you look at people and what to expect from them.

The Chinese face reading basics

Chinese face reading or physiognomy can help individuals position themselves for the best opportunities in their day-to-day lives. For instance, people who understand face reading, even its basics, can apply makeup and plastic surgery to tune their face to become a perfect definition of good luck and good fate. Makeup or plastic surgery can increase their chances of getting selected as a qualifying applicant for opportunities.

But to understand the problem with your face, you need to go deeper than answering the “what is physiognomy” question. You need to know what a face map is and what it says about related ages. If you can change your character, your face features will be subsequently changed.

Face map and related ages

People who ask the “what does physiognomy mean” question will be happy to find that the face is divided into three broad sections. The top section is the forehead area determines youthfulness for individuals between the ages of 15 to 30 years. The middle section encompasses the ears related to ages between 1 to 14; the eyebrows related to ages between 31 to 34; the eyes, relating to ages between 35 to 40; and the nose relating to ages between 41 to 50. The lower third section of the face is the chin which relates to ages above 50 years. The lowerthird section of the face encompasses the philtrum to the top lip of the mouth, which relates to ages above 51 to 60 years; the mouth relates to ages 61 to 70 and the chin relates to ages 71 to 79.

face reading age chart

Learning the basics of face reading

To help read faces better, you need to know each facial segment and what they say about an individual. Using the popular face reading chart, the consensus on face reading is:

  • The forehead tells about a person’s fame, career, achievements, and prosperity or fortune.
  • The top corners of the forehead say more about migration or travel.
  • The eyebrows give hints on the person’s relationship with family and friends, property, and assets.
  • The eyes are more telling about the person’s health, spirit, and energy. Eyes with clear black and white distinction are regarded as the best.
  • The area directly below the eyes tells more about kids, babies, and possible parenthood.
  • The area between the eye is known as the life palace. Represents fortune wealth and romantic encounter.
  • The area extending outside the eyes and eyebrows say more about romance, emotion and luck of finding a romantic partner, and marriage.
  • The nose tells about wealth, fame, husband and wife, and fortune.
  • Lips are related to willpower, persuasive ability, emotion and enjoyment.
  • The area directly below the nose, which is called philtrum, tells about self-control, sex ability, health, descendent, and stability.
  • The ears say more about luck from ancestors and early childhood luck.
  • The chin talks about having supportive family and friends, employees,  friendship, relationship with descendents, and luck during old age.

Each part of the face and what they mean

  • The forehead – The perfect forehead is wide, big, without moles, dimples, or imperfections. Foreheads are expected to have all features in proportionate sizes. Foreheads with disproportionate sizes are regarded to be a negative sign.

  • The eyebrows – The best type of eyebrows is not too thick or thin, clear, and long eyebrows orderly. Such eyebrows also have no feathering at the ends. When considering the eyes, they should be clean, sharp, and bright. Eyes with a clear distinction between the white and black pigmentations are the best. Problems with the eyebrows can easily be corrected with makeup.  

  • The nose – Noses say a lot about a person’s personality according to Chinese face reading charts. The perfect nose is of the right length and size. Bigger nostrils with an upward orientation often indicate wealth and money flowing away from the individual. This can also significantly impact the individual’s health and luck. The middle part of the nose suggests illness, health and career. Any skin problem in this area of the face is regarded as a dent in the individual’s health.

The area between the eyes also tells more about an individual’s current luck and wealth. People with dark spots or horizontal lines in this area may be battling bad luck or business bankruptcy, and may need to avoid businesses or investments at the time.

  • The mouth – The mouth tells about influence, and so the area between the nose and lips should be longer and deeper. It also tells about stability, sexual desires and willpower. A perfect lip isn’t too tight, neither is it too loose. One can expect thick round chins to mean good fortune in later years and supportive friends and family. People with double chins may enjoy better fortune and support in their later years.

Knowing what your face says and what each of the facial segments means can help you to position yourself better for opportunities. Finding a good and loyal lover, husband  or wife. Businesses and recruiters can also leverage this knowledge in the selection of their employees. Learn more about face reading at https://www.cmsfacereading.com.


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