Chinese Face Reading Chart: What Your Face Says About You

Many people are familiar with the concept of palm reading or life chart fate analysis to determine individual character, fortune and luck. One of the least known known simple methods is face reading. Face reading, or physiognomy, is an ancient science that can instantly predict a person’s fortune and fate simply by reading unique facial features. This science brings the saying “personality and thought can be judged by people’s faces” to life. Many experienced face reading masters or consultants consult a resource known as the face reading chart to better understand what each face says about them and their fate.

Many things can be discovered about a person through physiognomy and by consulting the Chinese face reading chart. One of the greatest applications of face reading in recent times is during recruitment exercises. Companies can leverage this ancient Chinese knowledge to weed out persons who aren’t qualified for their workplace based on what their face says about them. This science can help improve employee retention, reduce workplace tension, and can boost workplace synchronization and productivity.

Knowing what your face says about you can be a key to understanding what others know or see in you. Below are some of the basic techniques and knowledge of face reading you ought to know about.

Organs on face

The Chinese facial reading chart allows different organs to the different segments of the face. This allotment can be used to read the face to better understand each individual.


The forehead describes a person’s luck, relationship and emotion in their youthful years, especially when they are between the ages of 15 and 30. It also speaks about the individual’s mother, father, husband, career prospect, luck, analytical ability, thinking, etc. According to the physiognomy chart, a good forehead is one without bad moles or scars, messy lines, drooping or concave hairline, and neither overly protruding nor too narrow. A good forehead is also mellow and full.


The eyebrows tell about relationships with family, friends, luck or property and assets, lifespan and longevity. It can be used to extrapolate information about the individual’s health, lifespan, emotional, luck, and longevity of fame. People with loose eyebrows are regarded to be on bad terms with family and friends. Retrorse hair eyebrows suggest criminal activities and a bad temper.


The eyes are the organ of monitoring and tell more about one’s rank, character, personality, management ability, fortune and wealth. People with bright and piercing eyes are regarded as the best to work with.


The nose is the organ of discernment and can be used to tell more about an individual’s wealth, health, and luck between husband and wife. Noses with an upturning apex may suggest difficulty in achieving wealth, while those shaped in the form of a garlic bulb suggest good fortune. The sides of the height suggest treasury, so people with smaller sides may suggest failure at saving for wealth or marriage life.

Face readers pay more attention to the nose’s apex for people between the ages of 41 and 50. The apex may greatly impact an individual’s luck for wealth. Apex with moles, thin noses, and dry apex may indicate poverty.


The mouth is used to measure talking ability, emotion, enjoyment, and talent. People with drooping mouths may not be favored in the talent department; however, those with upright and slightly cocking-up mouth corners are regarded as the most talented.


The ears are the organ of hearing, and they describe early childhood life, life longetive, health and luck. The perfect ears are complete, big, well-defined, and thick.


Cheeks are a telltale sign of a person’s career, management power, and fortune later in life (between the ages of 46 and 47). A plump rounded, but lowered cheek is the best.

Knowing what your face says about you can help to understand your life, fortune, and what others think about you. Learn more about face reading at


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