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Struggling to Find Your Career? Learn the Art of Face Reading

Take the Face Reading Intro-Course to learn the science behind face reading & learn how to perform this skill yourself—so you May finally find the career of your dreams

Ready to find your perfect career?

What if I told you we are born with fixed “settings“ that created our fate and destiny, just like the default settings of a machine. 

What if I told you the default settings are just settings and you have the ability to change it if you know how?

Face Reading is part of a tool to change your settings and change the way you see things and therefore make a different decisions from your path.

Finding a career that matches your personality and skill set can be tough. 

Sometimes the things you like and love is just a moment of your interest. When you really did get your hands wet, you might realize the things you thought you’d love to do actually isn’t what you think.

What’s the result?

Time wasted in exploring and finding the career that are not suitable for you. Trial and error for years.

What if there is a better way of finding the career or path that best suits you?

By understanding the elements principle of Face Reading. You will quickly understand what’s your strength and weakness.

All matter on the planet has an element principle. Fire and Water will never get well together, Water and Earth will never get well together, etc.

If you knew your element (default settings) and avoided the harmful element (wrong settings) in your career and path…

How much time, energy, and emotion could you save? How much faster could you find your perfect career? 

In My Face Reading Course you will understand your own element

Learn the Art of Face Reading

So how do you stop wasting your time searching for a career that really resonates with you? 

With face reading, or physiognomy. Face reading is the ancient art of analyzing someone’s face to learn about their personality and character. When applied to yourself searching for the perfect career, you can get the info you need and find your match if you apply face reading skill correctly.

In this face reading intro-course, you’ll learn:

How face reading helps you identify the wrong career before getting involved with it

The different traits and qualities of the face, and how to correctly analyze them

Understand how to estimate the best time and best fortune that will most likely happen within your lifetime.

You will also get:

  • *** 20% of your fees will go to charity and I will send you the receipt under your name.
  • You will have 1 time, 15 people conference video call consultation with me. We will notify you and let you choose the time by email.
  • *** 7-day money-back guarantee

Get to Know Yourself Better

But face reading isn’t just about learning how to read others. 

In this intro-course, you’ll also discover how to:

Understand what kind of career you’re compatible with to avoid wasting time on careers that don’t suit your personality

Better understand yourself and make decisions that will really serve you

Identify your key personality traits, character and future potentials for success

When you have a solid understanding of who you are, what you love to do, and what career path matches, you set yourself up to find a career you are passionate about.

And with face reading, you’ll have the tools you need in place to form that understanding—and may finally find the job of your dreams.

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Testimonial From Master Rev Hemaloka of Ti-Ratana

Master Rev Hemaloka Malaysia

2020 August 28th Analysis Of 
US Presidential Election Result


I recorded a YouTube video on August 8, 2020, published on September 18, 2020. Using the face reading skill to accurately analyze that Trump will lose the US presidential election. Please refer to my CMS Face Reading Videos in YouTube video.

I used physiognomy skills to accurately analyze the outcome of Taiwan’s presidential election in 2012, 2016, and 2020. I also used the face-reading skill to accurately analyze that Trump would win the US presidential election on November 2016,  during the 19th World I-Ching  Conference organized in Dalian, China during September 2016.

I used the principles of physiognomy and the five elements of face reading to make my analysis.


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